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ComidasRx - Salad bowl

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ComidasRx - Meal Bowl

What we've got cookin'

ComidasRx provides healthy meals with a Latino flavor profile. We address the primary health concerns faced by our Latino community by creating a pathway to wellness.  Cooking up your family favorite recipes and helping you reach your nutritional goals.


"Yes of course, there is such a thing as healthy Mexican Food." said Chef Lydia Gonzalez.

As a Chef, I’m on quest to provide nutritious meal options for our Latino community. But honestly when you mention the word “healthy”, everyone just makes that face. You know, that face a kid makes when you ask to try something new. 

But did you know that spices have little to no calories? That’s why I take the time to season all meats in-house with my own spice rub, to bring out the natural flavors of each dish.  Using fresh and clean ingredients for all my hand-crafted sauces and salad dressing to ensures healthier more nutritious meals.  


Making eating well easier for you to love with less of the artificial stuff your body doesn’t love.  

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You can pick your order up from our kitchen or we can delivery to your house or office. Just choose the best option for you.

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About our

  • All Meats are seasoned in-House

  • Clean Fresh Food

  • No Artificial Flavor

  • No Preservatives

ComidasRx - Testimonial

"I love the convenience of having healthy meals delivered to my doorstep. The food is delicious and I feel great!"
~ Carmen ~

ComidasRx - Friends Eating Dinner
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